Workout and Diet Program Over 50

Workout and Diet Program Over 50

Written by Mike Cola

June 22, 2021

 My workout and diet program to get my body fat under 10% before I turn 59.

In this episode, Mike Cola will go over a workout and diet program that he will follow to get his body fat back down below 10% over the next ten weeks before he turns 59. 

Mike will go over a ten-week program that you can easily follow to lose fat, build muscle and improve your health. He discusses in great detail the perfect plan if you are over the age of 50. 

Mike recorded this Podcast while taking a two-hour walk through the woods, so if you hear a little background noise, it’s just nature. If you like this Podcast, make sure you give it a review and share it with anyone you think might find it helpful. Plus, Check out Mike’s YouTube channel Mike Cola 📺.

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