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Mike Cola is an innovative fitness expert helping clients look & feel their best for over 30 years!

Serving clients online and locally in Mt. Kisco, New York.

Mike Cola – Celebrity Fitness Trainer

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Practical Lifestyle Strategies to Achieve Ultimate Fitness

Personal Training

Burn fat, gain muscle and improve your health working one-on-one with Mike Cola.

Take the guesswork out of getting into amazing shape with one of Mike Cola’s personal training programs.

“We all deserve good health, boundless energy, a strong body, and ultimate fitness.”

Weight Loss Coaching

Do you struggle with burning fat? Do You Lose Weight & Put It Right Back On? If So, You’re NOT Alone.

If you are frustrated with your body and want to get rid of the flab but don’t know how to get started…Mike Cola has put together a proven system for you to QUICKLY LOSE WEIGHT, burn fat & increase your energy.

“I believe fasting and feasting should be a part of everyone’s life”

Online Weight Loss & Fitness Coaching

Are you ready to focus on your fitness?

If you are committed to getting in the best shape of your life and want specific guidance and accountability..work with Mike online.

It’s your right to have a lean healthy body!

Let me help you achieve ultimate fitness!

It’s time to get your life in shape

Mike Cola Fitness is a one-on-one personal training studio located in Mt Kisco, NY. Offering appointment-only instruction either in-studio or on-location (started in 1989).

Email, DM or call 914-864-2235 to lose weight, put on muscle, improve your health and simply look and feel your best.

Mike Cola Fitness offers weight-loss counseling services, customized personal training services, online training, wellness programs and muscle activation techniques services.

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With Mike, I was able to meet my initial goals and then surpass them. He keeps me on track and then takes me to the next level just when I’m ready. I owe much of my development, physical and otherwise, to Mike.

Rob Cappacci


Without Mike Cola Fitness I would not be able to still walk into a ballet studio and work on my personal dancing goals…it’s that simple. I have strengthened my body, supported congenitally weak areas and dealt with the inevitable problems that have come up along the way; I’ve been a client for years. I don’t know what I would do without Mike Cola Fitness!

Madeline Eckett Oden

Executive Director, Project Ballet Theatre

For over ten years I have benefited from Mike Cola’s experience, expertise and his positive, consistently encouraging attitude, spirit and nature. I give him all the credit and keeping me fit, which makes my good life possible.

Brooke Mitchell

Artist, grandmother and community volunteer