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How Long To Work Out For Optimal Results?

How long to work out

Written by Mike Cola

May 24, 2021

How long to work out for optimal results?


How Long To Work Out:

General Rules to Follow:

  • Hard workouts should be short
  • Long workouts should be easy
  • Workout to create the proper response
  • Don’t control your weight with exercise


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Aerobic Workouts


Short Hard Cardio 15 Minutes:

  • 220-Age = Max Heart Rate (MAX)
  • 90% x Max = Interval Heart Rate
  • Run, walk, bike, Jumping Jacks, etc
  • 4-minute warm-up, 30 seconds 90% effort, 30 seconds recovery (easy) for 7 sets, 4-minute cool-down


Long Easy 60 Minutes or More:

  • 160 – Age = Long Easy Heart Rate
  • 160 – 60 (years old) = 100HR

Modified Phil Maffetone aerobic base building method:

  • Walk, run or bike for 60 minutes as fast as you can but do not let your HR go above 100 (if you are 60). Keep trying to go faster and cover more ground but keep your HR below 100


Steady State Cardio 30 Minutes:

  • 220-Age= Max Heart Rate (MAX)
  • 75% x Max = Steady State
  • 2 minute warm-up, 26 minutes steady state, 2minute cool-down.

*Example for a 60 year old: 220-60 = 160 MHR 160 X 75% = 120 HR

No Chronic Cardio

  •  Avoid long hard cardio sessions

Resistance Training Workouts


Short Hard Weight Training 10 to 30 minutes:

Principles of Arthur Jones High-Intensity Training
1- One set of 4 to 6 exercises for the lower body. One set of 6 to 8 exercises for the upper body. Twelve (12) exercises per workout.
2- Eight to twelve reps
3- Train to failure
4- Work largest muscles first
5- Go slow on eccentric
6- Slow rep speed (5 seconds)
7- Constantly try to increase reps and weight
8- Train no more than 3 times per week
*Full-body workouts, 3 times per week performed in less than 30 minutes with each set going to failure.


Moderate to Hard 45 Minute Weight Training

  1.  75% of your weight training is at moderate levels (cycle intensity)
  2.  25% of your weight training is at 90% effort with some sets to failure
  3.  Reps are kept on the high side (12-20 reps)
  4.  Metabolic stress & continuous tension
  5.  Slow rep cadence
  6.  Full body and split routines
  7. 10 total sets per body part per week


I hope the video and this article helps.

Best  – Mike Cola 

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