High Potassium Food List

Written by Mike Cola

December 13, 2020

High Potassium Food List

Most people don’t get enough potassium every day, particularly when following a low carbohydrate diet.

A healthy adult should aim to consume 3,500–4,700 mg daily of potassium from foods. For example, when most people think of high potassium foods, they think of bananas 🍌. But bananas are a high carb food. The average banana is about 110 cal, 25 g of carbs while only providing approximately 400 mg of potassium—bananas are not a good low-carb potassium source.

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Check out my low-net-carb, high potassium food list. If you’re not sure what net-carbs are. They are just total carbs minus fiber.

Best – Mike Cola 

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