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Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight?

Not losing weight

Written by Mike Cola

May 13, 2021

Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight?


If you are eating healthy but not losing weight, you’re probably making several common mistakes. Many people who think they’re eating a healthy diet are most likely consuming too many calories, carbohydrates and not getting enough protein.



If you’re not losing weight and you think you’re eating healthy. I recommend that you do this:

  • Start tracking your macros. See what percentage of a diet is protein, fat, and carbs. Most people are eating too many carbs and not enough protein
  • Start counting calories. See how many calories you’re eating and make adjustments. Most people don’t realize that they are overeating following a somewhat healthy diet.
  • Take a look at how many times per day you are eating. Most people are eating too many meals and snacking too frequently. Start cutting back on meal frequency.


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Best – Mike Cola 

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