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Top 10 Diet Foods

10 diet foods

Written by fuelwebmedia

July 5, 2016

Top 10 Diet Foods

My personal training clients are always asking me what are the best diet foods or what should I eat if I want to lose weight. The best foods to eat for weight loss are low-calorie high nutritious foods. If you eat mostly all-natural unprocessed food you will have trouble keeping weight on. One of the problems people seem to have is thinking that they are eating all-natural unprocessed food but actually are not. Eating a piece of oat bread is not natural it was processed; things were added and removed. Cooking plain oats in water is all-natural.

This concept holds true for everything you eat. When you take natural food and add or remove something from it you are most likely taking away some of its nutritional content or adding empty calories to it. When you take a piece of chicken, bread it, and then fry it you just changed it by adding breadcrumbs and oil to it. It is no longer in its natural state. If you want to keep your weight under control and eat a healthy diet you have to cook and prepare foods as close to their natural state as possible. Here are some examples of keeping foods in their natural state.

Top 10 Diet Foods

    • Orange instead of a glass of orange juice
    • Grilled chicken breast instead of chicken nuggets
    • Natural dried spices instead of barbeque sauce and ketchup
    • Oatmeal instead of oat toast
    • Fresh salad instead of veggie burger
    • Piece of fish instead of canned tuna fish
    • Steamed spinach instead of creamed spinach
    • Peanuts instead of peanut butter
    • Broiled steak instead of meatloaf
    • Unsweetened tea instead of sweetened tea Sometimes it can be hard to eat all natural

It’s OK to add some things to natural food when cooking such as olive oil but try to keep away from frying, creaming, and adding sugar or too much salt to your dishes. We all have to enjoy our lives and go off our diets now and then but save the cheat days for special occasions. Challenge yourself for the next 7 days to eat all natural. I’m sure you will be a couple of pounds lighter and feel a whole lot better. Let me know how you do. If you enjoyed this post, then make sure you go to my Facebook Fan Page and like it. Best – Mike Cola

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