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10 Rules of High Intensity Training To Build Muscle

high intensity training

Written by Mike Cola

November 27, 2017

10 Rules of High Intensity Training To Build Muscle

1- One set of 4 to 6 exercises for the lower body. One set of 6 to 8 exercises for the upper body. Twelve (12) exercises per workout.

2- Eight to twelve reps

3- Train to failure

4- Work largest muscles first

5- Go slow on eccentric

6- Slow rep speed (5 seconds)

7- Constantly try to increase reps and weight

8- Train no more than 3 times per week

9- Isolate the muscle and work hard

10- Keep records and vary your workout Arthur Jones was way ahead of his time with these H.I.T training programs to build muscle. Full-body workouts, 3 times per week performed in less than 30 minutes with each set going to failure, is a great way to train today.

Arthur Jones weight training principles for Nautilus Equipment and high intensity training.



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