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Arm and Shoulder Workout For Women

Arm and Shoulder Workout For Women

Written by Mike Cola

December 2, 2021

How to tone and strengthen your shoulders and arms at home with dumbbells for women over 50. Learn six different exercises to tone up your upper body—simple, easy-to-follow, 10-minute arm and shoulder workout for women.

A detailed description of the workout and exercises are in the video below.



Weight Training Rules to Follow (Arm and Shoulder Workout For Women)

  1. One set per exercise
  2. 12 to 15 repetitions
  3. 80% effort
  4. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets
  5. Use a 5-second rep cadence
  6. Keep continuous tension on the muscles
  7. Perform the workout two or three times per week on non-consecutive days


Six Exercises for Your Arms and Shoulders (10 Minute Workout)

*Before performing the exercises, make sure you warm-up

  1. Dumbbell lateral raise
  2. Dumbbell shoulder press
  3. Dumbbell bicep curl
  4. Dumbbell tricep kickback
  5. Dumbbell hammer curl
  6. Modified push-up

*Cool-down with mobility and movement

Make sure you check out the video above to learn how to do the warm-up and all six exercises correctly.

Best- Mike Cola Health and Fitness Coach

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