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How Hard Should You Be Working Out If Over 50 Years of Age!


In this episode, Mike Cola talks about exercise intensity. How hard should you be working out to strengthen and condition your body if you’re over 50 years of age?

In this Podcast, Mike will go over the most effective and time-efficient way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and put muscle on your body if you’re over 50 years of age. He talks about the mistakes most people make by over-training and potentially damaging their heart and body. He gives numerous examples and maps out an ideal training cycle to develop your body safely and effectively.

Mike recorded this podcast while taking a two-hour walk through the woods, so if you hear a little background noise, it’s just nature.  If you like this podcast, make sure you give it a five-star review and share it with anyone you think might find it helpful. Plus, Check out Mike’s YouTube channel Mike Cola 📺.



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