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My Carnivore Diet Results

My Carnivore Diet Results, A Seven Day Experiment On The Carnivore Diet


In this episode of The Fitness Contrarian Podcast, Mike Cola will go over the carnivore diet. He tried the diet for seven days and will talk about his carnivore diet results.


Mike will go over what the carnivore diet is, who might want to try it, and all of the pros and cons of eating just animal foods. Plus, he references some other experts in the field, such as Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Sean Baker.


Mike followed a tier-one carnivore diet protocol and a time-restricted eating strategy (16:8 fasting) for seven days that he will explain in great detail in this Podcast.


Mike also recorded a video version of this Podcast on his YouTube Channel.
If you have any questions about the carnivore diet let me know.
Best – Mike Cola

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