You can’t out-train a bad diet

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October 30, 2016

bad-dietTrying to control your weight with a lot of exercise is a losing battle. Eventually you will wind up burned out, unhealthy and have a number of over use injuries. You have to learn how to control your weight with your diet.

I know this is a hard principle for most people to accept but once you embrace it the whole weight loss process will be demystified for you. It’s hard when conventional wisdom will tell you that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is with hours of hard exercise every week. You might have a friend or two who look great and spend hours in the gym or run long distances every day to stay thin. You have to realize that it is much easier on the body and better for your health; however, to keep yourself thin by eating the right foods. It’s healthier to eliminate unhealthy processed foods instead of over exercising and burning them off.

It’s so easy to get addicted and over do it with exercise. Most of the exercise classes people like to take, like spinning, keep their heart rate up too high (85% of max and even higher) and for far too long. People get addicted to the runner’s high and don’t feel like they had a workout unless they push to the limit. It’s ok to push to the limit every now and then and for short periods of time, but when you exercise at 85% of your max heart rate and higher for an hour or more on a regular basis to stay thin, you’re risking your health.

People don’t understand how stressful a long hard workout is on the body. World-class athletes don’t workout at maximum intensity every session. These hard workouts break down muscle tissue and put stress on joints. You need to recover from these workouts and mix it up with some easy exercise, as well. Muscle damage in the blood (creatine kinase levels) is known to be elevated for weeks after a very hard workout. In addition, over training leads to a suppressed immune system, insomnia, over use injuries and an inflammatory response throughout the whole body.

Be smart and exercise to strengthen your body instead of breaking it down. Eat properly to control your weight and you won’t have to risk your health to stay thin and fit.

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Best – Mike Cola

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