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The “Over Training” Program

• This is the recommended program for someone who has to lose weight as quickly as possible. This is a short-term program that should last no longer than 6 weeks. The workout is 90 minutes long six days per week.

• The goal of this program is to burn as many calories as possible while exercising safely and eating a low-calorie all natural diet.

• The first session is a fitness evaluation and a detailed diet analysis.

• The second session the program and diet are explained and performed.

• This type of training produces very quick weight loss results but should only be performed for a short period of time to minimize the side effects of over training. After the six-week program is over, the client is recommended to reduce training to a more reasonable frequency (like the Perfect Workout two to three times per week).

• This program is great for the client that wants to lose weight for an event such as a wedding, movie role or any reason that you have to lose weight fast.