Personal Training Blog Westchester NY | Mike Cola Fitness - Part 3

Carb Cycling To Lose Weight Fast

Published on Jun 11, 2017 How to carb cycle for weight loss. Learn how to go in and out of ketosis with carbohydrate cycling. In this video Mike Cola explains how he goes in and out of ketosis and cycles his carbs based on his activity level. Mike believes that a low...

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High Energy Shoulder Workout

If you want strong, round delts that stand out, then you want to do these shoulder exercises. In this video Mike Cola explains the ultimate shoulder workout routine. You will learn how to fully develop your shoulders so they look good at every angle (front, side and...

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Great Chest Workout

Chappaqua personal trainer,  Mike Cola,  explains in this video how to train your chest. Training at slower speeds and incorporating mobility movements into the program will protect your joints and safely develop your body. Checkout Mike's YouTube Channel...

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Staying Healthy During The Holiday Season

It might seem like bad luck that you get sick right before Thanksgiving or New Years. I see so many people just not feeling well around the holidays. I have friends and clients who just plan on being sick by the time New Years come around. When you really think about...

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